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The bigger the hoops, the more influential the woman.

Taking physical space is powerful in a world without political space.

Combating current events with fashion history, internationally published artist Perrin Marie creates hoopskirts adorned with recycled materials that make sounds when they move, and it's not just a sweet ‘swish swish,’ but sometimes the tinkling of bottles or the chimes of cans.

Perrin hopes to empower self-identifying women worldwide to take up space and make HOOPLA (get it?).


A visual artist with humble beginnings and a grateful future, Perrin Marie is living her dream as an internationally published, self-taught artist of multiple mediums.

Perrin's work unites her social responsibility as an artist, environmentalist, and woman, amplifying her hopes for the world.

The artist began their career as an art model,

which was celebrated with her first solo show in 2021, Art & Body. 

In 2022, the artist had her second solo show,

Doll House Collection, featuring self-portraits with fashion from trash.

Perrin Marie also had the honor of being “the face” of the Australian National Portrait Gallery in 2023.

The artist is consumed by her current project, HOOPLA, which utilizes fashion history to combat current events and empower self-identifying women.

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